Photo Gallery and Blog 2007

June Wildlife
Late last June I spotted an ideal bluebird nest. This year I went back there earlier in the year. Sure enough, there was an active nest there again. However, the adults weren't feeding very fast. The female was doing most of the work, and not stopping to pose for photos. The male came in about once an hour. At least he did stop and pose on this bush for a few seconds so I could get some photos.
In a different spot was this red-naped sapsucker nest. They are very easy to find because the chicks chirp constantly. These adults were very industrious in finding loads of bugs to feed their chicks. They paused ever-so-briefly on this convenient dead twig on their way to the nest hole.


Later in the mornings, when the good light is gone, I like to go prospecting for more bird nests. One quiet morning I was shuffling through the woods, looking up in the trees for birds, when I walked right past this elk calf laying on the ground. It didn't move a muscle. I was quite startled when I realized what I had just done.

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