Photo Gallery and Blog 2017

Screech Owl
I discovered the screech owls that I photographed extensively in previous years are still around. This is the same female owl that nested here in previous years. I got a couple photos in the fading light at dusk as she was hunting.
Sometimes she just sits in a tree and looks wise.
This is the male of the pair. Sometimes he has that furrowed-brow look with raised ear tufts, and other times he looks much like the female.
One evening I saw an owlet for the first time. It was sitting on a tree just above its nest hole. Then pretty soon another one appeared behind its sibling. They moved their heads around in circles and bobbed up and down. They are so fuzzy and cute.
Two days after they first appeared, the two owlets were sitting side-by-side in a different tree, only visible through a gap in the leaves. They sit there and snooze during the day and only wake up at dusk.
After two more days, the owlets are walking around in the trees with ease, hopping from branch to branch.
Both adults actively hunt for food for their owlets which means they sit motionless on a low branch and stare intently at the ground, watching and listening for any signs of a mouse for dinner.
Just nine days after emerging from their nest, their wings have grown enough so the three owlets can flying from tree to tree. Their flight skills are not polished yet. Landings usually involved a face plant. This day the owlets liked to sit on the branch and do their roundy-round-head dance, which is fun to watch but not helpful for long-exposure photos.

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