I have accumulated lots of photos over the years, and wanted to choose a few of my favorites for this page. In reviewing my assorted photos, I noticed a pattern. Most of these photos have an element of serendipity, an unplanned coincidence. Sometimes it is a spontaneous bit of wildlife behavior, or weather conditions. The only way to get these opportunities is to spend lots of time waiting for them. And that's not all bad.

First snow of September on Mt Otis

Late winter snow on Mt Ypsilon

Glacier Creek in autumn

Longs Peak reflects on placid Bear Lake
while a storm brews overhead

A friendly Western Grebe

Twin mountain goat kids on Mount Evans

A great horned owl rests on roots of
a fallen ponderosa pine tree

Northern flicker family

A great blue heron with sushi breakfast

Burrowing owl on a weathered fence post

Eastern screech owl at its home

Frosty bull elk
(this was a cold morning in Yellowstone)

Pair of bighorn rams enjoy the view from Rock Cut at sunset

A female broadtailed hummingbird at nest with chick

A newborn elk calf struggles to its feet for the first time

Friendly golden mantled ground squirrels

A bull elk bugles mightily in Horseshoe Park

Three red fox kits explore their new home

A great horned owl chick glares down from an aspen tree

An industrious pika carries a mouthful of alpine avens
to its storage cache beneath tundra rocks


© Copyright David Dahms.