Shaded Relief Topo Map Poster
Rocky Mountain National Park

This map poster shows a simulated aerial view of the topology of Rocky Mountain National Park. Generated from 1/3 arc second USGS digital elevation data, it shows all the mountains, ridges and valleys with extremely fine detail. Every little nuance of the terrain is clearly visible. It is green for lower elevations, fades to brown for middle elevations, and continues to white for the highest peaks. Lakes and rivers are shown in blue and roads in black. Many of the prominent features are identified with small, unobtrusive labels.

Most shaded relief maps show the ground from directly above, which makes a mountain appear as a white blob with radiating ridgelines, like a squashed bug. This one has an angled viewpoint so the mountains look like mountains and are much easier to visualize. It is oriented with west at the top, to give a view as you would see from Estes Park or the front range. Estes Park is the green area at the bottom center and Lake Granby is in the upper left corner.

To give you an idea of the level of detail, this is a section from the center of the map. This area is about four inches wide on the real map.

The poster is 20x30 inches. Price: $7.95.

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