Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Pocket Guide
This is a handy pocket-sized wildflower field guide book with a lay-flat wire binding, just the perfect size to take along on a hike. It covers 119 species, with one flower per page. The flowers are grouped by color, to aid in quick identification in the field. Its coverage is limited to the Rocky Mountain area, so you won't waste time flipping past California poppies and desert plants. It is a great value at only $6.95. A few sample pages and photos are shown below:

Ipomopsis aggregata
Phlox family

Flowers: A brilliant red, trumpet-shaped flower, with a long tubular throat that flares into five pointed lobes. Flowers are arranged near the top of long thin stem, mostly on one side.

Leaves: Alternate, pinnately divided, mostly near the ground.

Size: 1-3 ft; flowers 1-2 inches long.

Season: July to September

Habitat: Foothills and Montane
Common in open dry areas and roadsides.

Notes: This species may hybridize with White Fairy Trumpet to produce intermediate shades of pink. Hummingbirds love these flowers.

Cerastium strictum
Chickweed family

Flowers: Small white flowers with five petals and greenish-yellow stamens. Petal tips are deeply notched into two round lobes.

Leaves: Narrow, opposite, fuzzy.

Size: 4-12 inches; flowers 1/2 inch wide.

Season: May to July

Habitat: Plains to Alpine
Very common in dry areas, meadows and forest clearings, sometimes in large patches.

Notes: The two round lobes of a petal resemble a mouse's ears.

Oenothera coronopifolia
Evening Primrose family

Flowers: Large white flowers with four thin petals and long yellow stamens. Petals quickly turn pink with age.

Leaves: Pinnately cut into thin sections.

Size: 3-12 inches; flowers 3/4-1.5 inches wide.

Season: June to August

Habitat: Plains to Montane
Common in disturbed areas and roadsides.

Notes: Other white evening primroses of the area include the Nuttall Evening Primrose (O. nuttalli) which is taller and has undivided narrow leaves, and the Stemless Evening Primrose (O. caespitosa), which is short with larger flowers.

Chamerion danielsii
Evening Primrose family

Flowers: Bright red-purple flowers with four petals, in a long spire on a tall stem. Only a few flowers bloom at a time, beginning at the bottom of the raceme and progressing upwards.

Leaves: Long, lance-shaped, alternate.

Size: to 6 ft tall; flowers 1 inch wide.

Season: July and August

Habitat: Montane and Subalpine
Abundant in open areas, roadsides, disturbed or cleared land.

Notes: Its common name is derived from its ability to rapidly colonize recently burned areas after a forest fire, not its reddish color.

Dodacatheon pulchellum
Primrose family

Flowers: Distinctive flowers with four or five bright magenta petals that flare rearward, resembling the tail of a shooting star. Stamens are fused into a dark snout. Several flowers hang from the top of a straight leafless stalk.

Leaves: Roundish leaves in a basal rosette.

Size: to 16 inches; flowers 1-1.5 inches long.

Season: May to July

Habitat: Foothills to Subalpine
Grows in moist areas, near streams and seeps.

Trollius albiflorus
Hellebore family

Flowers: Five ivory sepals form a saucer-shaped flower, with many yellow stamens and a few central green pistils.

Leaves: Deeply palmately divided into 5-7 lobes with many teeth.

Size: 10-18 inches; flowers 1-1.5 inches wide.

Season: June to August

Habitat: Subalpine and Alpine
Locally abundant in moist meadows and marshy areas, usually in clumps.


Iris missouriensis
Iris family

Flowers: Unmistakable showy blue-purple flowers, with three erect petals and three drooping orange-streaked sepals.

Leaves: Basal, narrow, tough, pointed, nearly as tall as the flower stalk.

Size: 8-20 inches; flowers 2-4 inches wide.

Season: May to July

Habitat: Foothills and Montane
Prefers open meadow areas which are very moist in the spring.


Erythronium grandiflorum
Lily family

Flowers: Spectacular large yellow flowers with six curled tepals and protruding stamens.

Leaves: Two long lance-shaped basal leaves.

Size: 6-12 inches; flowers 2-3 inches wide.

Season: May to August

Habitat: Montane to Alpine
Common in moist meadows and open woods, often near retreating snowbanks in late spring.

Notes: The terms "tepals" refers to both petals and sepals when they are indistinguishable. Other common names for this plant are Fawn Lily, Snow Lily and Dogtooth Violet.

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Helpful hints for flower photography

Listing of all the flowers covered in this book:
Each name is a link to a small photo of that flower.
Blue flowers
Mountain Harebell (campanula rotundifolia)
Parry Harebell (campanula parryi)
Lanceleaf Chiming bells (mertensia lanceolata)
Tall Chiming bells (mertensia ciliata)
Alpine Forget-me-not (eritrichum aretioides)
Wild Blue Flax (adenolinum lewisii)
Fringed Gentian (gentianopsis thermalis)
Mountain Gentian (pneumonathe parryi)
Blue Columbine (aquilegia coerulea)
Early Larkspur (delphinium nuttallianum)
Subalpine Larkspur (delphinium barbeyi)
Blue-eyed Grass (sisyrinchium montanum)
Wild Iris (iris missouriensis)
Silver Lupine (lupinus argenteus)
Jacob's Ladder (polemonium pulcherrimum)
Sky Pilot (polemonium viscosum)
Violet flowers
Tansy Aster (machaeranthera bigelovii)
Pinnate-leaf Daisy (erigeron pinnatisectus)
Showy Daisy (erigeron speciosus)
Gayfeather (liatris punctata)
Pasqueflower (pulsatilla patens)
Sugarbowls (coriflora hirsutissima)
Dusky Penstemon (penstemon whippleanus)
Low Penstemon (penstemon virens)
One-sided Penstemon (penstemon virgatus)
Wild Geranium (geranium caespitosum)
Monkshood (aconitum columbianum)
Beebalm (monarda fistulosa menthifolia)
Skullcap (scutellaria brittonii)
Lamberts Locoweed (oxytropis lambertii)
Purple Fringe (phacelia sericea)
Red flowers
Fireweed (chamerion danielsii)
Little Pink Elephant (pedicularis groenlandica)
Scarlet Paintbrush (castilleja miniata)
Wyoming Paintbrush (castilleja linariifolia)
Bog Laurel (kalmia microphylla)
Red Columbine (aquilegia elegantula)
Wood Lily (lilium philadelphicum)
Geyer Onion (allium geyeri)
Nodding Onion (allium cernuum)
Fairy Slipper (calypso bulbosa)
Spotted Coralroot (corallorhiza maculata)
Fairy Trumpet (ipomopsis aggregata)
Pinedrops (pterospora andromedea)
Moss Campion (silene acaulis subacaulescens)
Fairy Primrose (primula angustifolia)
Parry Primrose (primula parryi)
Shooting Star (dodecatheon pulchellum)
Wild Rose (rosa woodsii)
King's Crown (rhodiola intregrifolia)
Queen's Crown (clementsia rhodantha)
Pink Pyrola (pyrola rotundifolia asarifolia)
White flowers
Porter Aster (aster porteri)
Wild Chamomile (matricaria perforata)
Black-headed Daisy (erigeron melanocephalus)
Trailing Daisy (erigeron flagellaris)
Pearly everlasting (anaphalis margaritacea)
Pussy Toes (antennaria pulcherrima)
Showy Townsendia (townsendia grandiflora)
Yarrow (achillea lanulosa)
Miner's Candle (oreocarya virgata)
Mouse-ear Chickweed (cerastium strictum)
Sandwort (eremogone fendleri)
Alpine Sandwort (lidia obtusiloba)
Cutleaf Evening Primrose (oenothera coronopifolia)
White Geranium (geranium richardsonii)
Globeflower (trollius albiflorus)
Marsh Marigold (psychrophila leptosepala)
Bistort (bistorta bistortoides)
Death Camas (anticlea elegans)
Sickletop Lousewort (pedicularis racemosa alba)
Green Gentian (frasera speciosa)
Sand Lily (leucocrinum montanum)
Sego Lily (calochortus gunnisonii)
Northern Bedstraw (galium septentrionale)
White Checkermallow (sidalcea candida)
False Solomon Seal (maianthemum amplexicaule)
Bitter Cress (cardamine cordifolia)
Giant Angelica (angelica ampla)
Cow Parsnip (heracleum sphondylium)
Lovage (ligusticum porteri)
White Locoweed (oxytropis sericea)
Alpine Phlox (phlox sibirica pulvinata)
Alpine Springbeauty (claytonia megarhiza)
Chokecherry (padus virginiana)
Mountain Dryad (dryas octopetala)
Boulder Raspberry (oreobatus deliciosus)
Wild Strawberry (fragaria virginiana glauca)
Snowball Saxifrage (micranthes rhomboidea)
Canadian Violet (viola scopulorum)
Yellow flowers
Wooly Actinella (tetraneuris brevifolia)
Heartleaf Arnica (arnica cordifolia)
Black-eyed Susan (rudbeckia hirta)
Tall Coneflower (rudbeckia ampla)
Gaillardia (gaillardia aristata)
Gumweed (grindelia subalpina)
Yellow Salsify (tragopogon dubius major)
Arrowleaf Senecio (senecio triangularis)
Black-tipped Senecio (senecio atratus)
Orange Sneezeweed (dugaldi hoopesii)
Alpine Sunflower (rydbergia grandiflora)
Dwarf Sunflower (helianthus pumilus)
Snow Buttercup (ranunculus adoneus)
Common Evening Primrose (oenothera villosa)
Butter 'n Eggs (linaria vulgaris)
Owl Clover (Orthocarpus luteus)
Bracted Lousewort (pedicularis bracteosa)
Yellow Monkeyflower (mimulus guttatus)
Northern Paintbrush (castilleja sulphurea)
Golden Smoke (corydalis aurea)
Sulphur Flower (eriogonum umbellatum)
Glacier Lily (erythronium grandiflorum)
Western Wallflower (erysimum capitatum)
Golden Banner (thermopsis divaricarpa)
Alpine Aven (acomastylis rossii turbinata)
Shrubby Cinquefoil (pentaphylloides floribunda)
Yellow Stonecrop (amerosedum lanceolatum)
Yellow Pond Lily (nuphar luteum polysepalum)

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